Questions About Your Garbage Or Recycling? There Are Apps For That!

For most of us with a cell phone in our pockets, near instant answers to our every question, and being reminded of every appointment or to-do is just the norm. But what about questions you have about garbage, recycling and yard waste? Yes, there too is an app for that - two in fact!

We’ve all done it. You’ve just gotten home at the end of the work day and realized that you forgot to put the cans out before heading out for the day.. And it’s garbage day. Now you get to make the decision if you’ve got enough space to wait until next week, or if you have to make that smelly trip to the dump.

Why not just set up a reminder on your phone? Well, in most cases, that might just work. But what happens around the holidays if there is a change.. Or what if you forget which week is yard waste and which week is recycling? Or maybe you’re just curious if something you want to recycle can go into your blue bin? Perhaps you'd like to catch the next Repair Cafe? Then be sure to check out the MyWaste app, available for both Android and iOS.

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This easy to navigate resource means you'll never lose track of your collection days, as it customizes a calendar just for you. By using the included "What Goes Where?" feature, you'll be able to quickly become a recycling pro with detailed disposal instructions specific to your area. You'll also have the ability to set reminders for upcoming events and drop off dates, such as the next Repair Cafe, Trunk Sale, and even the Christmas Tree chipping. 

BC Recyclepedia
Ever wondered if something you used could be recycled, but couldn’t find the answer quickly? Chances are good that you just got frustrated and ended up throwing that item in the trash. Did you know that now there is now a way to know exactly what can be recycled - and where to do it?

The BC Recyclepedia Smart Phone App a quick and simple tool available for both Android and iOS, which includes information how to recycle over 70 materials or products across BC.

BC Recyclepedia app kelowna recycling  BC Recyclepedia app kelowna recycling  BC Recyclepedia app kelowna recycling  BC Recyclepedia app kelowna recycling

Simply select the material you want to recycle for a list of the 10 nearest depots based on your phone’s location. Select a depot for a detailed summary including address, map, hours, contact info, and notes such as other recycling programs collected at that depot. Finding where to recycle is now at your fingertips!

Both the iOS and Android app provide the option of calling the Recycling Council of BC Hotline at 1-800-667-4321 for additional information if needed.