10 Things You Should Be Cleaning - But Aren't

There definitely are a few things in our homes and gardens that we really should be cleaning.. but for some reason they keep slipping past us. These items don't necessarily get dirty overnight, but rather build up a layer of grime over time...  until one day we're thoroughly disgusted with them.

As you ready your Spring cleaning list, be sure to add these items to it so you can be sure the house is spotless!

1. Yoga mats 

Think about how much time your yoga mat spends on the floor.. now think about all the sweat that you've dripped on it. Using a disinfectant spray and allowing your mat to dry thoroughly before rolling up is the best way to tackle this one. 

2. Your steering wheel and buttons

If you've got a leather steering wheel, make sure to use a cleaner appropriate for leather. Plastic ones can be easily cleaners with a disinfecting wipe. Be sure to get in all the nooks and crannies, and don't forget the gearshift while you're at it!

3. Your garbage can

how to clean garbage can

Does this one really need explaining? Your garbage can is a breeding ground for all sorts of nasties, and lets face it - it stinks. There are two ways to tackle this one, though. You could do it yourself.. or you could have a mobile service come to clean it for you (like us, BC Bin Wash!)

4. The remote control / video game controllers

how to clean video game controllers

These both get pretty gross in my house! I use a disinfecting wipe and an old, clean toothbrush to get in the crevices. Do remember to remove batteries before cleaning these and don't spray anything directly on these sensitive electronics!

5. Reusable grocery bags

Ew, something unknown spilled in the grocery bag on the way home.. what now? Most of the time, these are easily cleaned by tossing them in the laundry. To really stretch out the life of these, be sure to hang/lie flat to dry. 

6. Cell phones / Home phones

how to clean cell phone

Just like our steering wheels, our cell phones and home phones get all manner of gross things on them. In fact, our cell phones can carry more bacteria on them than a toilet seat. In order to clean these items properly and safely, never spray a cleaner directly on them, but rather apply to a paper towel (or use a pre-moistened disinfecting wipe) and clean the phone. Rubbing alcohol should be used on the mouth and earpieces.

7. Credit and debit cards

Did you know that cleaning your credit and debit cards can actually prolong the life of them? If you're someone who has had a card stop working.. then had to go cardless for a few days while waiting for a replacement - you're going to be all over this! All you need is an eraser and a damp towel. Wipe the card clean with the towel to remove any grimey build up deposited onto your card from your wallets or card reader machines. 

Next take the eraser (such as a Pink Pearl erasers, or the one on the end of a pencil) and gently erase/rub the magnetic strip on the back. It will remove any gunk that's built up over time. 

8. Oscillating fans

how to clean oscillating fan

For some reason, fans, especially their blades, are dust magnets. Before the hot summer months approach, cleaning your fans is a must. A clean fan will work more efficiently, and will also last much longer. These fans are typically pretty easy to clean, with knobs and tabs that allow you to remove parts - just be sure to unplug the fan before disassembling. Most parts of the fan can be wiped clean, but some areas may need a little elbow grease.

9. Dish Racks

Your dish rack does require the occasional cleaning to keep it free of mold and mildew. The quickest and most effective way to do this is with a bleached based cleaner, or soaking the rack in a bleach and water solution (1/4 cup of bleach to each gallon of water does the trick). To kill all the mildew and mold, the rack should be soaked for at least 20 minutes (racks that are really bad might need a little more time). Rinse and scrub clean and allow to dry completely before you use it again.

10. Headphones

how to clean headphones

We all love music, but if you frequently use earbuds with a portable device, you probably don't even consider the grime that could be on them. If you share your earbuds, you're running a risk of sharing bacteria, which in some cases, can cause an ear infection. To clean your earbuds, make sure to first remove them from the device they are plugged into. You'll also want to take care to never submerge your headphones either. Use a gentle cleanser, like dish soap and warm water. 
Use a gentle cloth with just a small amount of the soap mixture. If there is a lot of dirt on the metal part of your earbuds, try brushing them with a dry toothbrush to dislodge it.