BC Bin Wash comes to your home after your bins have been emptied and cleans your bins right at the curb inside our specially designed truck. Just order service and let us do the dirty work.

Turning your yucky garbage, recycling and yard waste bins into things you actually don’t mind touching is our business. We come by your house after your bins have been emptied and clean your bins using our automated bin wash truck. The cleaning is done inside our wash bay, not on your street, lawn or driveway. We recapture waste water, leaving nothing but clean bins behind. Our cleaning process is environmentally friendly, high powered rotary cleaning heads wash your bin with hot water inside and out, deodorizing and sanitizing them while using 75% less water than if you tried to do it yourself with a hose. At last, cleaning the bins is off the honey do list and you didn’t need to lift a finger or hose.


"Thank you for a wonderful job well done :) We will definitely be keeping you coming back to keep our bins sparkly clean."

"I had tried everything to get rid of awful smells and gunk from previous owners…nothing worked. Now our bins smell & look fantastic! Highly recommended!"

bc bin wash garbage bin cleaning